Beautiful Bali Island

Hi guys… This is my first blogging in English, sorry if my English so poor… lol.
I usually blogging in Bahasa Indonesia and write about entrepreneurship, business opportunity, business motivation, etc.

But now, let me tell my last trip with my lovely wife.
Our destination trip is Bali Island and we stayed at beautiful hotel, Kuta Beach, for 3 nights.
The hotel location is good enough, it’s only few minutes walk to the beach.

We spent much time of our trip to visit the beautiful beaches in Bali, such as : Sanur, Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, Kuta, etc.
We always remember how beautiful sunset at Uluwatu Beach, the beautiful “talk” about : the Balinese Woman, the Pura, the Monkey, the Sky, the Sea and the Trees.

When we were sitting at the Beach Bar, the Singer was singing Carribean song : “Welcome to my Paradise…”
It’s so amazing… It’s a wonderful life… Thanks God.


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