Flashback to sixties

Let me tell you about my family and childhood in sixties.
Here’s my family photo in 1964 (me, right)

My family - 1964

We lived at Klaten, a small city, 30 Km East of Jogjakarta City.

I am third son of the schoolteacher couples. Dad was a schoolteacher of Accounting, and he was also Head of Vocational High School.

Mom was also a schoolteacher, she taught at the Elementary School.
My parents have six children, three sons and three daughters.
The sequence of children so unique, boys are odd number and girls are even number. In Javanese culture called : ‘gilir kacang’.

I was riding my bike to school everyday, passing through the rice fields with background views of couple Mounts, Merapi and Merbabu. It’s a beautiful rural scene.

I used to listen to the musics, such as : Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, James Brown, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, and of course The Beatles.
Here’s one of my favorite song : “I want to hold your hand” – The Beatles


32 Replies to “Flashback to sixties”

  1. wah udah mulai yah artikel bahasa inggris nya siipp….dan larass yakin masih ada kisah keluarga yg akan dituliskan lagi disini hehe emang seneng yah mengenang masa2 kecil yg lugu, polos, lucu hehe #eh gedenya juga masih lugu dan lucu hehehe

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