Womanpreneur – Perempuan Kreatif

Business opportunity in all sectors can be created by Creative Woman (I prefer say: Womanpreneur). In fact, her business becoming the primary source of family financial, and able to inspire other people in her neighborhood.

Most Womanpreneur start business to increase the family financial, due to a victim of nature disaster (earthquake, volcano eruption), the husband has no income (layoff, termination), or she has many children… 😀

The majority Womanpreneur manage her business in house, and not leave her responsibility as a mother of to the children, and a wife to the husband. And at the same time able to increase family financial.

Here’s snapshots at Pasar Pathuk, a traditional market in Jogjakarta.

Peluang usaha di semua sektor bisnis bisa diciptakan oleh perempuan kreatif. Bahkan hebatnya, perempuan kreatif malah menjadi lokomotif ekonomi rumah tangga, sekaligus mampu menginspirasi masyarakat di sekitar tempat tinggal mereka.

Seringkali perempuan kreatif memulai bisnisnya untuk sekadar menambah pendapatan utama keluarga, ataupun karena kondisi ekonomi rumah tangga yang sulit akibat : menjadi korban bencana alam (gempa bumi, erupsi), suami tidak mempunyai penghasilan karena PHK (Pemutusan Hubungan Kerja), mempunyai banyak anak… 😀, dan kondisi ‘kepepet’ lainnya.

Mayoritas perempuan kreatif mengelola bisnisnya di rumah, dan tidak meninggalkan tanggung jawabnya sebagai seorang ibu bagi anak-anak dan istri bagi suami. Dan pada saat yang sama mampu memberikan tambahan penghasilan untuk ekonomi rumah tangga mereka.


8 Replies to “Womanpreneur – Perempuan Kreatif”

  1. There are some lines, I could do without – the lines about “not leaving her responsibilities” – do you really think, working moms do that, when they work at a workplace away from home? Do they not have the responsibility, still, just share that? Isn’t their responsibility just the same but different, as they have to find a place for their children that is safe, a person they can entrust their children with? And why should it not be the responsibility of the fathers as well? Are they no parents?

    1. Thanks for your very well opinion. I’m so sorry for my poor translation in English.
      This post is my respect expression to all moms, any profession. They’re the “real heroes” of the family life.
      Thanks again and best wishes to you.

      1. Oh, no worries, everybody is entitled to his own opinion. I did not mean to disrespect your opinion, I was just posing questions.
        I hope you did not feel attacked. If so I really have to apologize. I am rather self-confident in voicing MY view of the world – but I do not think it is the only way to view the world. Even though sometimes it might appear so.

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