Other Bams’ Blog

Click here… Bams’ Photography Blog

Blog contents are about my photography passion.
Some photographs created by my daughter Brigitta.

I am an amateur photographer, your suggestions are welcome… 🙂
Thank you for dropping by.
From Jogjakarta with love… cheers… 🙂



Click here…  Dom’s Diary
Blog content : Diary of my first grandson, Dominic… 🙂


5 Replies to “Other Bams’ Blog”

  1. saya udah coba ke PT.Belina babelan dan udah disurvei katanya kalau dekat atau ada depot air isi ulang tidak disetujui alias dibatalin { padahal lokasi saya strategis dan penjualan aqua saya 1 bln +/_ 1000 gln juga saya ada kontrak / hari 39 gln} fasilitas saya udah saya siapkan antara lain motor dan mobil grenmax pix up

  2. Thanks for sharing your photos on your blog. Very interesting perspective and thanks for following my blog. I am always honored to have other photographers be interested in my work.

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