Yellow and Bali

This week Photo Challenge is Yellow. The images were taken on my last Bali trip a few months ago. The snapshots locations:  Bali Bird Park, Mother Temple of Besakih, Pura Luhur Uluwatu and Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali.

Bali Bird Park is a delightful. There are some most beautiful birds here. Many of them were roaming free. They appeared healthy and happy in their environment. An amazing array of paradise birds : parrots, peacocks and cassowaries.

The mother temple of Besakih is actually a complex made up of twenty-two temples that sit on parallel ridges. It has stepped terraces and flights of stairs which ascend to a number of courtyards and brick gateways.

Pura Uluwatu is the most spectacular temple on the island of Bali. The inner sanctum of the pura is perched majestically on the edge of a steep cliff that towers above the legendary surf breaks of southern Bali. The views are best enjoyed on two different vantage points on both northern and southern portions of the area.

The Bali Kite Festival is an annual international kite festival held in July in Padang Galak area, Sanur Beach, Bali. Traditional giant kites (4 meters in width and almost 10 metres in length) are made and flown competitively by teams from the villages (banjar) of Denpasar. The event is a seasonal religious festival intended to send a message to the Hindu Gods to create abundant crops and harvests.

Wishing you:  Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday !!